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14/07/2014 à 15:49   Hotel Diplomata

Police identifiée : AmericanText

14/07/2014 à 15:44   Hotel Diplomata

The lower case.

Police identifiée : Cloister Black

Police identifiée : Guttenberg MF

Police identifiée : Rock Salt

14/07/2014 à 13:56   ayuda

On second thought I am not happy with the Koch Antiqua, the A doen't really mach. There is an earlier digital version by S. G. Moye (1991), the Koch (Plain and Read) which fonts have a matching A.

Quote Moye;
This is a rendering of a typeface drawn by Rudolf Koch in 1922 for
Klingspor. It is know as "Koch Antiqua" or "Locarno" or "Eve"; "Eve" is the
name given it by ATF when they issued a version of it. For some
inexplicable reason, this beautiful typeface has yet to see the light of
typographic (PostScript) day.

This is not a complete font: there is upper and lower case, numbers, and
some punctiation.

Stephen Moye (CIS 76416,1542)
The Studio
Dept. 158
306 Thayer St.
Providence, Rhode Island
Unquote Moye.

Other fonts with a matching A I found are OPTIEve-Light[Castcraft], AliceLight[Brendel Informatik], Evangel[NovelFonts! Corporation] and Eva-Antiqua Light[Spiece Graphics].

Police identifiée : Koch (Plain And Read)

14/07/2014 à 12:05   FONT?

Police identifiée : BD Paris

14/07/2014 à 11:57   please help

Modified. Stretched and the stem of the h shortened.

Police identifiée : Amerika Sans

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Police identifiée : Quill

14/07/2014 à 11:28   HELP PLEASE

Police identifiée : Trajan

PostCrypt is only one of the many names this font has been given.

Police identifiée : PostCrypt

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Police identifiée : Enviro

14/07/2014 à 11:01   lifestyle font

Police identifiée : Labtop

Lower case c!

Police identifiée : Elephant

13/07/2014 à 11:26   Unknown font

Police identifiée : PF Champion Script Pro

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Police identifiée : Xanadu

Georgia, you have it, it is a system font.

Police identifiée : Georgia

Édité le 13/07/2014 à 15:00 par Rodolphe

Police identifiée : Especial Kay

Police identifiée : Loved by the King

That is because it is Bebas and not Bebas Neue.

Police identifiée : Bebas

Édité le 12/07/2014 à 21:49 par koeiekat

The dafont link is dead.

Police identifiée : Anna Beta

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