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25/07/2014 à 10:17  [réponse]  custom font

25/07/2014 à 10:10  [réponse]  HELP I NEED THIS FONT

Police identifiée : Freshman

22/07/2014 à 08:21  [réponse]  Font creation services for hire?

koeiekat a dit  (voir le post)
to an inexperienced Mac user ...

All experienced users was befor inexperienced users.
You juste have to bother.

For me "I'm inexperienced" is not a good reason to say "do it for me".

21/07/2014 à 10:18  [réponse]  Acceptable in the 80s...

Chicago :
A classic on the dot-matrix printer.

21/07/2014 à 10:09  [réponse]  Font creation services for hire?

kitty394 a dit  (voir le post)
I cannot afford to purchase the soft wear

Some Font creator softwares are free.
And some others cost less than $100.

18/07/2014 à 09:02  [réponse]  Tumblr font

Police identifiée : Arial

16/07/2014 à 15:27  [réponse]  Nice Guy

16/07/2014 à 15:21  [réponse]  what is CREAMFIELS font?

Police identifiée : Avant Garde Gothic Bold

16/07/2014 à 14:40  [réponse]  What font is this?

Just a difference for the point of the i.

Police suggérée : Avant Garde Gothic Demi Bold

15/07/2014 à 09:20  [réponse]  Acceptable in the 80s...

80's ? It before the creation of the True Type Format.
Look at the old pixelised Macintosh fonts...

09/07/2014 à 11:56  [réponse]  sapete dirmi che font è?

It's not a font : all the "e" are different and the 2 "l" and "o" too.
It's handwritten.

08/07/2014 à 09:57  [réponse]  Morning

Your problem is to download or is it to install and use ?

07/07/2014 à 17:13  [réponse]  Giuseppe Zanotti Font

jigglypuff789 a dit  (voir le post)
I need this font!!

It's not à font.

07/07/2014 à 17:11  [réponse]  "Personal Usage"

If it's sold, il's not "personnal".

07/07/2014 à 17:09  [réponse]  NEED THIS FONT EFFECT HELP!!

This is not possible to include this effect in a font format.
It's done with a graphics software (parhaps PhotoShop or something like this).

03/07/2014 à 18:07  [réponse]  Saving Fonts

Send a message to :

koeiekat a dit  (voir le post)
this person ...

I think it's this one :

Have you unzip the file ?
What font are you talking about ?

30/06/2014 à 15:30  [réponse]  Fuse

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