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13/03/2015 à 22:25  [réponse]  Font not appearing as it should

From Firefox debugger:
downloadable font: download failed (font-family: "News Cycle" style:normal weight:normal stretch:normal src index:2): status=2147746065 source:

Try to use absolute path, like
url( format('woff')

Remove spaces from font name.

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23/02/2015 à 19:25  [réponse]  Fonts not kerning properly in Photoshop

I use FontForge,
but in FontLab, according this link:

[...] In addition to the feature descriptions in the OpenType panel, in FLS 5.1 you must include a list of all languagesystems that your features are using.
You should enter this list in the lower-right portion of the OpenType panel.

For a typical Latin-based font, your lower-right portion of the OpenType panel should say:

languagesystem DFLT dflt;
languagesystem latn dflt;

23/02/2015 à 17:47  [réponse]  Fonts not kerning properly in Photoshop

OpenType GPOS 'kern' feature in font Sweet Pea is set only for script DFLT{dflt} (script default - language default).
I suggest to set this feature for DFLT{dflt}, latn{dflt} (script default - language default, script latin - language default).

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09/02/2015 à 09:08  [réponse]  How to: font with syllabary glyphs?

Most probably, You forget about lookup definition.

It should look like:

script latn { feature LigaFeature; }
feature LigaFeature liga { lookup LigaLookup; }
lookup LigaLookup {
sub b a -> b_a;

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02/02/2015 à 22:30  [réponse]  Ligatures don't work

Most probably, font from Bitstream have no built-in OpenType 'liga' table.

koeiekat a dit  
... Ascender and descender ... shall be set so that they are at least equal to the highest/lowest position of the glyph ... including accents.... sum of ascender and descender should preferably be equal to the units per em

??? then what with for example ĥ (hcaron) or ĺ (lacute)?

It's more complicated, as scaling down all glyphs in font, because You add support for Slovakian or Esperanto...

@koeikat - Problem is more complicated.

Microsoft standard (from ):
[...] WinAscent is computed as the yMax for all characters in the Windows ANSI character set.[...]

and from FontForge Manual (

[...] The Windows Ascent and Descent fields are badly defined in the OpenType spec, which says that they should express the maximum range of the Windows "ANSI" glyphs. If one uses this definition, non-"ANSI" glyphs are cropped. These should be the maximum range of all glyphs to avoid cropping. [...]

18/06/2014 à 20:34  [réponse]  demande font svp

P_ORT ROYAL - font FoglihtenNo06 with R_O ligature

Police identifiée : Foglihten No06

09/01/2014 à 22:39  [réponse]  Font Shakira Ft Rihanna

Spinwerad font

Police identifiée : Spinwerad

14/10/2013 à 21:02  [réponse]  Help again please!

most probably vertical condensed (~50%) itsadzoke font

Police identifiée : Itsadzoke

06/08/2013 à 19:28  [réponse]  Znikomit font

You need Software with OpenType Support,
then You need to turn on "Stylistic Set 03" and type 1Znikomit2
You can test it on my Online preview:

Or, if your Software don't work with OpenType features,
You can download "the curls" from Znikomit StylisticSet03 as separate font (

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Font Znikomit (and ZnikomitNo24) include two Kerning Tables:
- old style 'kern' table
- new OpenType 'kern' table
I made so, because some Programs still don't work with new OpenType table.
I test this Solution at Windows and Linux, and it work without problems.
In my own Opinion it's not
"Serious problem [...] may cause system problems or even crashes".

I made Znikomit version for Macintosh, without old style 'kern' table.
Message about problems should not appear,
but You have to check whether Kerning is working properly in Your Program.

Font Znikomit for Macintosh in is available on my site:

20/07/2013 à 11:54  [réponse]  helpp!!!

Police identifiée : Znikomit No25

08/07/2013 à 20:30  [réponse]  troubles generating font files

Have You tried to make postscript OTF file?
Integer values for nodes are necessary for truetype TTF fonts.
I have no Idea how it look in Fontographer or FontLab, but in FontForge You can generate postscript OTF font
with non integer values for nodes.

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27/06/2013 à 21:54  [réponse]  zero width fonts

I don't use CNC (have no possibility to test),
but if You are interested I made little font tester with single lines:

You could test it...

25/06/2013 à 20:12  [réponse]  My blog logo

To avoid uninteresting connection "ng" in "Cooking",
You can use Contextual Alternates.
If your Software don't support OpenType Contextual Alternates,
You can use Online Preview here:
and download .png Image or .pdf vector file ready for your work.

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09/06/2013 à 08:49  [réponse]  DAMA & OBRERO

Dama y: 2 fonts From Foglihten family:

Police identifiée : Foglihten

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09/06/2013 à 08:49  [réponse]  DAMA & OBRERO

Police identifiée : Foglihten No 04

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11/05/2013 à 20:00  [réponse]  Search this font...please!!

This is most probably not a font.

Hand lettering by Matthew Tapia:


11/05/2013 à 16:46  [réponse]  WTF?

Police identifiée : Apple Tree

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