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14/09/2015 à 10:10  [réponse]  WHAT FONT IS IT?

lucez14 a dit  
I need the name of this font

lucez14 a dit  
I already now that!

09/09/2015 à 15:35  [réponse]  Mean Girls?

08/09/2015 à 13:36  [réponse]  "A" FONT PLEASE

Dure vision que ce lien myfonts !

08/09/2015 à 12:07  [réponse]  "A" FONT PLEASE

08/09/2015 à 10:37  [réponse]  This font

Police identifiée : Lobster

that's probably because of the wireless connexion, it happens all the time

yo, this is not dafont related, you've probably got a virus or a spyware on your computer.

03/09/2015 à 10:10  [réponse]  Deadpool font?

02/09/2015 à 11:15  [réponse]  ass-duff-moo-vee-thub-nail

i don't really want you to breath, but hey, nevermind...

Police identifiée : Impact

31/08/2015 à 15:05  [réponse]  Font in grammarly

Police identifiée : Proxima Nova Soft Bold

27/08/2015 à 15:03  [réponse]  what the font? thanks! :)

Police identifiée : Cooper Black

27/08/2015 à 11:49  [réponse]  Font PLZ²

Police suggérée : Peignot

27/08/2015 à 10:22  [réponse]  both fonts needed

the "N" of new is probably done by hand

Police identifiée : Neuropol

If you don't want to lose time and bandwidth for fonts you can't use as is, why don't you have a look at the character map first ?

The kind of font you're talking about are usually marked as 'Demo', just above the download button.

That's 2 reasons why I don't really understand your complaint.

Maybe a checkbox in the search engine to exclude 'Demo' fonts could be an idea...

26/08/2015 à 21:59  [réponse]  Looking for this font

stop doing crack baby !

26/08/2015 à 16:48  [réponse]  Looking for this font

It's a commercial font (needs to be bought in order to be used).
If they purchased it, they probably have an email confirmation about it, where they probably can download it again from a link.

italized by hand ?

Police identifiée : Antique Olive Compact

26/08/2015 à 15:31  [réponse]  Help me identify this font please

Police identifiée : Bello

26/08/2015 à 11:07  [réponse]  Je recherche le nom de cette police

c'est ça, mais en assez mal piqué
Bonne journée également

26/08/2015 à 11:05  [réponse]  font?

will make your day better :

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