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(btw, if you're a tattoo artist and can't write by yourself, try another job)

if you want it, you buy it.
if you're a skinflint, use the free 'not similar' ones you dumbf*ck !

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are you trolling ?

Police identifiée : Piel Script

25/11/2014 à 15:56  [réponse]  What font is this

Police identifiée : Obelix Pro

24/11/2014 à 19:09  [réponse]  Font?

and its rip-off Impacted

Police identifiée : Impacted

24/11/2014 à 19:08  [réponse]  Font?

Police suggérée : Impact

23/11/2014 à 19:51  [réponse]  Soneone knows the font?

some real people use font demos for projects ?!

23/11/2014 à 18:50  [réponse]  This font is?

Police suggérée : Bebas Neue

i don't think "Animation Studios" is a font, the 3 'i', the 2 't',... are different

23/11/2014 à 18:42  [réponse]  Which font is this?

Tim2013 a dit  
Very helpful - not at all.

Yo Tim, the Kat is right, and was helpful... most of the Sans Serif fonts look the same when the pictures are dirty.

He just said you'll get more answers with a clean pic.
Most of the time it's easy to shoot it / scan it again, but OPs are often too lazy to do so, and just post crappy pics on this forum thinking "hey, they're font experts, let's post some shitty hieroglyphic stuff on this board"...

Bis bald !

22/11/2014 à 11:34  [réponse]  Please help. Automotive Sales font

Police identifiée : Kuenstler Heavy

copied a single file to C:\Windows\fonts in MS Word 2003

Something looks wrong in this sentence.
Please explain how you "copied a single file to C:\Windows\fonts in MS Word 2003"

You need to INSTALL (not copy) the font file
THEN you can USE it somewhere else (ie : Word 2003) but you DONT HAVE TO "COPY" anything anywhere

RTFM here :

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19/11/2014 à 17:40  [réponse]  Discovery Kids logo font?

Police identifiée : Choc

19/11/2014 à 14:12  [réponse]  FONT NAME...YUSH

Police identifiée : Antique Olive Nord

19/11/2014 à 10:55  [réponse]  What font please?

strongly inspired by this one

Police suggérée : Antique Olive Compact

erode it yourself
the 3 S have different erosions.
i don't think erosion is included in the font.

18/11/2014 à 12:08  [réponse]  Typographic resources

baymax a dit  
But what program do you use???

17/11/2014 à 12:11  [réponse]  myfonts free

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