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11/05/2012 à 10:06  [réponse]  Mos Wanted Crew Shirt Font

Bottom one.

Police identifiée : Levi Brush

11/05/2012 à 10:04  [réponse]  Font Identification

Police identifiée : Gill Sans

Édité le 11/05/2012 à 21:14 par Rodolphe

11/05/2012 à 09:53  [réponse]  Help me, please

Hum, if you look very closely, it doesn't seem to be a font, but I'm not a 100% sure...

11/05/2012 à 09:44  [réponse]  What is this font?

Police identifiée : Sudestada

11/05/2012 à 09:35  [réponse]  Stick To Your Guns

This is a mix of fonts, and one of them is Levi Brush.

Police identifiée : Levi Brush

11/05/2012 à 09:20  [réponse]  HOW DO I OPEN THE FONTS IN PHOTOSHOP 7.0

AND IN THE MEANTIME MAKE YOURSELF SOME SWEDISH CUISINE TOO !! Oh, and release the CapsLock key next time

10/05/2012 à 21:32  [réponse]  Font From a Tattoo Found Online?

This has been asked many times. It's a tattoo, sorry, not a font. If you want something that could look similar, take a look here :

10/05/2012 à 21:14  [réponse]  say what? font

you're welcome

10/05/2012 à 21:14  [réponse]  Malise

"Yeah Ma'am, lots of crazy people out there..."

10/05/2012 à 21:12  [réponse]  say what? font

Police identifiée : Bello

10/05/2012 à 20:59  [réponse]  What font is this?

Police identifiée : Reklame Script

10/05/2012 à 19:09  [réponse]  qual a fonte?

Police identifiée : Segoe Print

10/05/2012 à 16:52  [réponse]  Softball font?

You're welcome

10/05/2012 à 16:31  [réponse]  AGRIEST

Si l'on excepte le "A" et le "W", il y a de fortes chances que ce soit celle-ci.

Police suggérée : Virgo.01

10/05/2012 à 16:24  [réponse]  Softball font?

Police identifiée : Reklame Script


Police identifiée : Feast Of Flesh BB

10/05/2012 à 15:47  [réponse]  What font is this ?

You're welcome

10/05/2012 à 15:46  [réponse]  Font ?????????????

It wasn't directed to you pwhinder. SallyBolly was giving an illegal link that allows people to steal the work of others, and that is not accepted around here.

10/05/2012 à 15:43  [réponse]  What font is this ?

Police identifiée : House Script

10/05/2012 à 15:20  [réponse]  Font ?????????????

What the hell is wrong with you ? I just said it was illegal, and you come here and post an illegal link. Don't do that again or you'll be banned.

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