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30/08/2012 à 16:17  [réponse]  Donate to Author

Like Vinz said, the donation is optional, so it has nothing to do with this.

The file you're downloading is said to be invalid. Are you on a wireless connection ? Because this is known to cause some issues, maybe you should try to download on a regular wired connection.

30/08/2012 à 16:01  [réponse]  Please help me identify this font

Ok then

30/08/2012 à 15:44  [réponse]  Je cherche cette police

De rien !!!!!

You're welcome !!!!!!!!

30/08/2012 à 15:44  [réponse]  Please help me identify this font

I believe "uct" is also taken from the "Ford" font (even if it's highly inspired by Commercial Script, the "t" is still a little bit different, isn't it ?)

30/08/2012 à 14:20  [réponse]  ABC

Police identifiée : LeKing

It's a commercial font, so if you want to use it, you'll have to buy it. Otherwise it's stealing.

30/08/2012 à 13:26  [réponse]  Font ?? :3

Police identifiée : Serpentine

30/08/2012 à 12:11  [réponse]  need this font... urgent... plz

Should at least be based on this one.

Police identifiée : Taboo

30/08/2012 à 11:27  [réponse]  what’s this font ?

Police identifiée : Castellar

30/08/2012 à 11:10  [réponse]  recherche typo

Police identifiée : Coalition

30/08/2012 à 10:59  [réponse]  Like Lucida Calligraphy??

You're welcome

30/08/2012 à 10:51  [réponse]  Like Lucida Calligraphy??

Police identifiée : Apple Chancery

30/08/2012 à 10:11  [réponse]  Help me please

30/08/2012 à 10:03  [réponse]  Help me please

Police identifiée : Script MT

30/08/2012 à 10:02  [réponse]  Album Cover

You're welcome !

30/08/2012 à 10:00  [réponse]  Font Name! PLEASE :(


Police identifiée : Cycle

30/08/2012 à 09:55  [réponse]  Album Cover

Police identifiée : Moderna

30/08/2012 à 09:47  [réponse]  Font?

Free alternative here :

Police identifiée : Plaza

30/08/2012 à 09:34  [réponse]  what font is this (the english part)

Police identifiée : Cataclysmic

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