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24/05/2017 à 10:17  [réponse]  Need this font ASAP Please :) Thanks!

Police identifiée : Santa Fe

22/05/2017 à 12:18  [réponse]  FONT PLEASE !!

Police identifiée : Mr Robot

22/05/2017 à 11:36  [réponse]  Font!?

Police identifiée : DK Lemon Yellow Sun

22/05/2017 à 11:07  [réponse]  Camila Cabello

It's a commercial font. If you need it, you have to buy it.

19/05/2017 à 16:53  [réponse]  XXII IN ASHES

Police identifiée : In Ashes

19/05/2017 à 16:52  [réponse]  XXII BLACKENED WOOD

Police identifiée : Blackened Wood

19/05/2017 à 16:51  [réponse]  XXII DAEMON

Police identifiée : Daemon

19/05/2017 à 16:51  [réponse]  XXII GORY BASTARD

Police identifiée : Gory Bastard

19/05/2017 à 16:48  [réponse]  MKI DEATH METAL FONT

Police identifiée : MKI Death Metal

No, not at the moment

02/05/2017 à 18:21  [réponse]  SLOTS XL Font

Police identifiée : ChunkFive Ex

28/04/2017 à 15:32  [réponse]  Help

Which author is it, and which font did you choose?

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28/04/2017 à 12:06  [réponse]  How to use Google Adsense with dafont?

@i remember halloween, I don't see the problem, it seems like you entered your Publisher ID, so where's the problem? Is your AdSense account active? Has it been validated?

28/04/2017 à 10:14  [réponse]  How to use Google Adsense with dafont?

You only need to fill one field. Copy/paste your AdSense publisher ID in the "Publisher ID" field, that's all you need to do.

Please post a picture of what you're looking for here.

27/04/2017 à 10:24  [réponse]  How to use Google Adsense with dafont?

Hi, everything is explained in your account. You should look for the Google AdSense link.

25/04/2017 à 18:16  [réponse]  Font Identification

Police identifiée : Duerer Latin

24/04/2017 à 13:57  [réponse]  Does anyone know this font? TIA

24/04/2017 à 12:41  [réponse]  Does anyone know this font? TIA


Police identifiée : California

24/04/2017 à 11:14  [réponse]  Rare font, Need help identifying!

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