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Police identifiée : Duplicate Slab

Police identifiée : Champagne & Limousines

26/02/2015 à 10:10  [réponse]  Font identification

Police identifiée : Platelet

25/02/2015 à 16:03  [réponse]  Please help me identify these fonts

25/02/2015 à 14:57  [réponse]  Please help me identify these fonts

It's the same font

Police identifiée : Walkway

25/02/2015 à 09:57  [réponse]  Help ! Quelle police d'écriture ?

De rien

25/02/2015 à 09:41  [réponse]  Help ! Quelle police d'écriture ?

Police identifiée : Comix Loud

24/02/2015 à 16:51  [réponse]  Specialized Font

24/02/2015 à 16:29  [réponse]  font name ?? pls

Police identifiée : Neverwinter

It's the same font family

24/02/2015 à 13:48  [réponse]  Please help again :-|

Please have a smoke and listen to some of this.

24/02/2015 à 12:59  [réponse]  "Electra Heart"

No, it's a commercial font, so if you need it, you have to buy it.

Police identifiée : Notera

Police identifiée : Phaeton

21/02/2015 à 15:45  [réponse]  Font album "Life of a Savage"

21/02/2015 à 14:52  [réponse]  Font creation software recommendations

Here is my modest experience:

- for auto-kern features, FontCreator seems to be better than FontLab, but keep in mind it will never replace manual kerning. It is just a quick trick, but nothing more.

- In FontLab, you need to create the accent you would like to use, as well as the base letter. For example, if you created the acute and the letter "E", if you click on the É glyph, it will be created automatically. Keep in mind you mind need to readjust the position of both elements from time to time. I don't know how FontCreator works with this kind of things.

21/02/2015 à 11:02  [réponse]  name of font?

Police identifiée : Fiolex Girls

21/02/2015 à 10:27  [réponse]  ???

You're a funny dude, creating requests with another account just to answer them

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