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06/02/2016 à 17:55  [réponse]  Please help ident this font. Tnx! :)

Police identifiée : Grand Hotel

06/02/2016 à 17:20  [réponse]  Please tell me the font

06/02/2016 à 17:15  [réponse]  Please tell me the font

Police identifiée : Channel

06/02/2016 à 16:42  [réponse]  do you know ? THANKS

Non, c'est une police commerciale. Si tu dois l'utiliser, tu devras l'acheter.

06/02/2016 à 16:34  [réponse]  écriture de Madame

De rien

06/02/2016 à 13:01  [réponse]  ???

De nada!

06/02/2016 à 12:57  [réponse]  écriture de Madame

06/02/2016 à 12:55  [réponse]  ???


Police identifiée : Peach Milk

06/02/2016 à 12:05  [réponse]  Font names needed urgently please

Police identifiée : Helvetica

06/02/2016 à 12:03  [réponse]  Font names needed urgently please

Police identifiée : Univers

06/02/2016 à 09:17  [réponse]  100% Free?

If you want to be absolutely sure, you need to contact the author.

Allow me to copy/paste another post I wrote earlier:

Every author has his/her own definition of personal and commercial use, so unfortunately, this is the only thing to do.

Sometimes you can find the information in the .zip file because the author added it (a "readme" text file, a pdf, anything).

If no information is available, you should try to contact the author (website, email address, contact form, social networks, anything).

If you REALLY can't contact the author or if he/she doesn't answer, well at least you tried. If the author gets back to you much later and complains, you can always show the email you sent for example.

Everything is written here:

05/02/2016 à 11:34  [réponse]  Do you know what font this is?

I love you too amirite, but the world isn't ready for us yet.

05/02/2016 à 11:22  [réponse]  Do you know what font this is?

Police identifiée : Notera

05/02/2016 à 10:01  [réponse]  Does anybody know this square font?

@JohnnyBlaze, your link is not valid anymore, you need to put a link to one font only, not WhatTheFont results.

04/02/2016 à 16:06  [réponse]  Font Please

Police identifiée : Benguiat

04/02/2016 à 16:05  [réponse]  Font Please

@niketan, please read your private messages.

04/02/2016 à 11:45  [réponse]  font?

Police identifiée : Yanone Kaffeesatz

04/02/2016 à 09:45  [réponse]  What font please?

Police identifiée : Rockwell

04/02/2016 à 09:12  [réponse]  FONTES

“Só Jesus salva”

Police identifiée : Bank Gothic

04/02/2016 à 09:11  [réponse]  FONTES


Police identifiée : Batman Forever

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