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18/09/2014 à 05:00  [réponse]  FONT?

Police identifiée : Superdie

15/09/2014 à 04:00  [réponse]  Help!!

Police identifiée : Handel Gothic

15/09/2014 à 00:43  [réponse]  Qu'elle est cette police svp ?

Ohhh nice author...

13/09/2014 à 19:43  [réponse]  Fonts Similar?

(thanks Toto, but this font has been updated today... Should work everywhere now)

12/09/2014 à 20:10  [réponse]  PLEASE HELP! MOSH FONT?

Police identifiée : True Lies

12/09/2014 à 19:11  [réponse]  Font Gateaux Magiques

Police identifiée : Witched

06/09/2014 à 21:43  [réponse]  Android Campatibility

I think that a ZX81 processor should be OK to use dafont.

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Unfortunatly, nobody apart from you and the registered members at IMDB (which is a great site BTW) are able to see your image I think...


It insults us with that:

Referral Denied

You don't have permission to access "" on this server.
Reference #24.8420ec50.1409946397.5fe7f9d

Anyway, I'm almost sure that it's very Cool

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Lovely smiley, I change the color of the text so that it goes with it


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koeiekat a dit  (voir le post)
Why shout?

...I guess: BECAUSE!

04/09/2014 à 00:28  [réponse]  Does anyone know this font?

Police identifiée : True Lies

04/09/2014 à 00:09  [réponse]  Dierks Bentley Fonts ..Help

Not the ugliest boy in the world...

30/08/2014 à 18:52  [réponse]  font

Police identifiée : Hooked Up 101

30/08/2014 à 18:50  [réponse]  font?

Police identifiée : Decibel

28/08/2014 à 22:38  [réponse]  100% Free Fonts

(PS. when someone clicks on 100% free, it displays as well the public domain fonts etc. of course)

28/08/2014 à 22:18  [réponse]  100% Free Fonts

Yes, click on "More Options" at the end of the custom line and then select "100% free"

You'll get a result like that[]=10&l[]=1

28/08/2014 à 22:05  [réponse]  font javed ? :)

Police identifiée : Birth of a Hero

28/08/2014 à 21:59  [réponse]  font pls ?

Police identifiée : Effortless Tattoo

28/08/2014 à 21:41  [réponse]  please find this font


Police identifiée : Signerica

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