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Please help identify font.

18/04/2013 à 17:39

What font is being used here or suggest a similar font.

Please help identify font.

Polices suggérées

Mramor   Suggérée par koeiekat   (voir le post)
Orpheus   Suggérée par pilaster   (voir le post)

18/04/2013 à 21:13

If you only want similar…
Police suggérée : Orpheus

18/04/2013 à 22:58

Thanks for the suggestion, but that still won't quite work. I guess I need to match this font exactly. Anyone?

22/04/2013 à 16:23

As this is carved in stone you will never find an exact match. But I am pretty sure that this made after the Mramor.
The 2004 version still had that W.

Police suggérée : Mramor

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