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What are these 2 fonts?

03/04/2013 à 03:14

What are these 2 fonts?

Police identifiée

Beton Medium  Suggérée par togali 

29/04/2013 à 03:05

I'm still dumbfounded by this one, can anyone please help?

03/05/2013 à 01:43

Cosmetics.... Beton?
Police identifiée : Beton Medium

Édité le 03/05/2013 à 02:12 par SashiX

03/05/2013 à 02:13

+1 for Beton, yup

11/05/2013 à 22:24

Yep, I'd have to agree with Benton. Any guesses on "Lush"? I've been searching and still no luck.

14/09/2013 à 02:56

Any guesses on what the word "Lush" is? This is definitely a challenge!

14/09/2013 à 03:46

I think the 'Lush' one isn't a font, I think it's modified or handwritten.

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