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Please Help Me Find This Font

08/03/2013 à 02:02

I need this font someone please help me find it

Please Help Me Find This Font

Police identifiée

Twentieth Century Bold  Suggérée par SashiX 

Police suggérée

Futura Bold  Suggérée par jerseygirl 

08/03/2013 à 04:33

Police suggérée : Futura Bold

08/03/2013 à 19:07

@heron: nope
Police identifiée : Twentieth Century Bold

08/03/2013 à 19:15

Without lower case - you really don't know -- near impossible -- then we can debate which manufacturer it is.....

Please stop being this way with me - it is so unnecessary -- and extremely rude.


You don't have to like me - but your behavior shows that - quite clearly. The folks here are looking for a typeface to match. Not a personality contest of who thinks they are the greatest. It's getting very old....

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08/03/2013 à 19:21

Extremely rude? Dafuq? I just said no to wrong id, and I don't care about which one was it based on, if it's a knock off or whatever. Twentieth exist as legal font and this is Twentieth, not Futura, simply as that.

08/03/2013 à 19:24

Heron2001 a dit  
Please stop being this way with me - it is so unnecessary -- and extremely rude.

Jackie, it's nothing personal by the part of SashiX, he "hates" all of us in the same proportionally way...

PS: And it's telling you his probably best friend here...

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08/03/2013 à 20:05

Sorry to jump in, but I don't see anybody being rude here. And I haven't seen anybody being rude anywhere here (except with some stupid users, but not between moderators). And I don't see a personality contest either, SashiX just said that the font you marked as exact, wasn't a correct answer. And he gave the exact one. I really, really don't see where there might be the slightest problem.

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