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Textes latins du XVIIème siècle

27/08/2010 à 17:27

Je cherche à reproduire sous Word des textes écrits en latin et imprimés en Angleterre vers 1670. Il s'agit de textes de Jeremiah HORROCKS,astronome.Ces texes utilisent fortement les s écrits comme des f.Je cherche une police autant que possible gratuite

27/08/2010 à 17:57

There are a number of those around. Do you have a pict?
The s that looks like the f is the German s as used those times and still in German - if you want to spell correctly.

Thank you Google

28/08/2010 à 00:57

28/08/2010 à 10:39

Printed in England in 1670 my guess is it is not a blackletter, that's why a pict would help.

28/08/2010 à 12:40

28/08/2010 à 12:44

ho, yeah Kat, sorry didn't notice the date/place, i was just thinking about the 's'

28/08/2010 à 13:44

Take a look at
That should fit.
they are downloadable, check licence

or at

28/08/2010 à 14:09

Thank you so much for answer.
I got the first yet; it is adequate indeed; about the second, I wille study and decide in while because it is quite expensive.
snicerely yours

28/08/2010 à 14:17

You also may want to look at Gilles le Corre's Humanes:

Yet, the pdf on the Google page is of excellent quality so the font can be restored as is. That is, you will never get the irregularities of the hand cut which, being hand cut, are never exactly the same.
Are you in a hurry or is it worth to give it a try?

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28/08/2010 à 15:44

Thank you for new reply. I found a mail adress to Gilles Le Corre and wrote to him just now. I am not so much in hurry because I must translate from latin to french too, and it takes a lot of time...
I dif not find the PDF Page from LEcorre site you mentioned, sorry.

28/08/2010 à 16:21

On the google link you gave, top right, you see 'PDF'. This will open and/or save the whole book as a pdf file.

28/08/2010 à 16:32

Yes, I got the full book yet and began a transcription of rather long passage, but how get in return the font and the ligature? I don'nt think it would fetch with an OCR process lique Omnipage, I didn't try. May be I am wrong.
I don't know anything about the technic, sorry.

I think the second indication of tophy 52 up is a good one.
Another one was given to me this morning by an other way; if interested you can see
David Manthey (
Copyright 2001-2002 by David Manthey
18th Century Ligatures and Fonts

28/08/2010 à 18:02

That ligature makro of David Manthey (thanks for the link) works perfectly well. That is, if the ligatures are exactly there where he put them in his wyld font files. There are two little problems with his solution.
1. - minor - the font he uses is not as antiquated as you may wish to use.But that is easy to solve by replacing his glyps (letterforms) with the ones you want. The font MUST keep the name wyld, otherwise this does not work.
2. - major - David Manthey has put his ligatures where the accented letters are supposed to be. That would not be a problem for Latin and/or English. But as you want to translate to French you maybe in trouble, your À, Á, Â, Ã, Ä, Å, Ç, È, É, Ê, Ë and Ì have gone.

Can you solve (or have solved) 1. and have no problems with 2. then you are done with this macro. Happy translating and happy typing.

28/08/2010 à 18:57

I just tried to active the ligature process. It does run, but the toobar was hidden in a top bar called COMPLEMENT, and (by automatic security) the macros were deactivated. But all is right now.
For the first point you mention, I will try tomorrow.
For the second perhaps hsing the Keyboard latin-9 instead of latin-1 will be sufficient, I shall see tomorrow , too.
Anyway thank you so muchefor this very fruit full exchange.
sincerely yours
Claude MOSER

28/08/2010 à 22:10

Glad we could solve your problem Claude,
which, for once, is a "real" interesting and motivating typographic request,
not just a What'sThisFont?—ArialBold!

28/08/2010 à 22:46

THanks to you too. I will keep your information about
for an other step il I ought to work with TEX for big texts.
Have a nice life.
I thing I stop my quiry nom and go on working latin translation.


28/08/2010 à 23:28

Heraclite I wish you success, truly. Most of all on the translation which seems to me a hell of a job. I don't know any recent version of Omnipage, abandoned it long ago and am more familiar with Abbyy Finereader which with a few hours of training can read almost any shit [pardon my French ]

Anyway, I have been looking a bit further into the MSOffice 2010 opentype possibilities and I don't feel too happy about that. So I make you a deal because as Tophy said it is not too often - if not to say rare - that a project as interesting as this pops-up on a font forum: You do the translation and I'll make you a font that resembles - as far as possible - the original and can be used with the David Manthey macro, including the lowercase accented letters, needed in French.
You can always contact me through a PM or at, click the '@ a' to feed me.

Have fun and ... be nice to the cats

29/08/2010 à 07:01

Thank advance! I have other projects, concerning ancient greek typing, and astronomers of III to I B.C., but that is another story; no problem for fonts. If you are interested I can give you what I use.
I have a cat too, she is black, just spraid on my desk for the moment.
Sincerely yours

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