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18/03/2011 à 05:50

I could have sworn this was Helvetica Black, but it's not. That apostrophe threw me off. I know this is super easy but I'm stumped.


Polices suggérées

McLawsuit   Suggérée par jakmahe   (voir le post)
Helvetica Bold   Suggérée par drblog   (voir le post)

19/03/2011 à 01:54

Umm Arial?

19/03/2011 à 04:30

The "M" is not in the Arial family. Neither is the apostrophe. Thanks for the response, though.

19/03/2011 à 07:33

le "M" est de la police "McLawsuit"
Police suggérée : McLawsuit

19/03/2011 à 15:57

I'm not looking for the golden arches "M," but the McDonald's "M".

19/03/2011 à 17:50

From what i can tell its definitely Helvetica but the apostrophe is customised. There's a few blog posts written about this.

Helvetica Neue Black -

or ore closely to :

Helvetica Neue Exp Heavy

19/03/2011 à 19:20

It's not Helvetica. The "M" here is broader at the base and more narrow at the top. Helvetica "M"s are the same width at the top and the base. Plus the "a"s in Helvetica are definitely different than the one in the jpeg above. Thanks for trying, everybody.

19/03/2011 à 19:22

"M" possibily is "Futura Extra Bold" (

05/09/2013 à 12:03

I'm looking for the same font, and maybe "helvetica bold" could be the likest, the "M" is made with and inverted "W" or at least is very close.
Police suggérée : Helvetica Bold

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