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what is this Font?

16/03/2011 à 23:28

I need your help please! I could tell which is the name of the font where it says "ULTRA" and where it says "FOX" please, if you do not find the "ULTRA"do not care but I need the "FOX"please!

what is this Font?

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Jellyka Western Princess   Suggérée par rocamaco   (voir le post)
Echo Deco   Suggérée par LiquidSugar   (voir le post)

17/03/2011 à 03:23

Police identifiée : Jellyka Western Princess

17/03/2011 à 12:28

Found "FOX"
Police identifiée : Echo Deco

20/03/2011 à 00:26

rocamaco a dit  (voir le post)
Jellyka Western Princess

thank you so much!

20/03/2011 à 00:27

LiquidSugar a dit  (voir le post)
Found "FOX"

Echo Deco


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