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What does "free for personal use" mean?

15/03/2011 à 02:32

I generally avoid downloading fonts that are marked with the "Free for Personal Use" indicator, especially if the license in the download file offers no additional information, but there are a few I've been eying up and I'm hoping someone can explain what "Free for Personal Use" means. I tend to use fonts in free web graphics (like icons or wallpapers) or as the covers of free ebooks or in the design of my personal site, which is completely non-commercial (I don't even accept donations); in short, I use fonts in activities that I consider personal hobbies. Would you say these things are "personal uses"? Or are they disqualified purely on the fact that other people download the results of my endeavors and do heaven knows what with them?

15/03/2011 à 11:23

no personal branding, no resell, ... hobbies sounds like personal use to me.

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15/03/2011 à 12:13

Imagine that you plan to make icons with "free for personal use" fonts.
You make the icons, and release them on the web
Now imagine that someone from an evil company (mtv, nike, total,...) finds your icons on the internet, and decides to use them for their evil company.

The least you can do on your "read me" file (or on your website), is to give the original font name, to write that the font is not yours, and to write that the font is free for personal use only, and give the original URL where you can download the font and read more infos.

15/03/2011 à 12:19

As long as you don't profit in any way (or allow others to profit) from the font usage, I consider it to be personal use.

15/03/2011 à 13:26

If you don't want to use ones with personal use, I'd leave this site xD

03/04/2012 à 08:57


what if I like one font and want to use it on banner for my company (I'm selling some stuff) - directly I won't profit from selling the font, but the font will be a part of my site's image, so does it count as personal use or it's business and I can't use that font?

03/04/2012 à 09:46

That is commercial use. Best to contact the designer.

03/04/2012 à 09:47

Thank you for the reply.

03/04/2012 à 12:13

If it's for a company, it's business of course.

03/04/2012 à 21:38

I'm wondering something similar.

I'm currently writing a fictional novel. Each chapter is (obviously) numbered, and there are some fonts on here I would like to use for the chapter titles. Should I stay away from the "personal use" fonts for this, since I will be selling the book? :3 Thanks.

03/04/2012 à 21:39

Never mind. xD I feel dumb.

03/04/2012 à 21:52

If you really like to use the font, make a donation. It is only a (very) few Dollars/Euro and everybody happy.

08/07/2013 à 10:44

I would like to add to the amount of questions by asking... what if i have a youtube channel (a none paid one) and was making a banner for my channel am i able to use a "free for personal use" font? cause i make no money what so ever and no one can steal my banner image (unless going into web page code)

08/07/2013 à 12:05

As long as that youtube channel does not show any link at all to any page that has a commercial intent, which includes the youtube home page in your case, that would be personal use. Read 'personal' as 'private'. Personal being only by yourself, private being only for yourself as a person and without any commercial intent.

On 'stealing' your banner, as soon as someone visits your page there is a copy in his/her browser's cache. Even simpler, save page as ... complete.

08/07/2013 à 13:43

thanks for the advice and just to clarify as long as the banner has no links in it then i am fine.

08/07/2013 à 14:38

YouTube itself is a commercial site.
So, for me, a video on YouTube is a commercial activity. If you don't win money with it, be sure that some otherone win it.

But, to have a reliable answer, contact directly the author of the font you want.
He's the onlyone that can say if you can use hes font for your activity.

08/07/2013 à 16:51

daveveej a dit  
thanks for the advice and just to clarify as long as the banner has no links in it then i am fine.

You misunderstood. I wrote: ... As long as that youtube channel does not show any link at all to any page that has a commercial intent, ...
That means the entire page on which the banner appears. As soon as anything on your youtube channel page shows up that has any commercial intent it is commercial use. A clickable youtube logo that links to is such a thing. As is any othe clickable form of advertising such as banners, flash ads and so on.

Personal/private use is when you create your own personal website without any form of advertising on it. and are still available, grab one and embed your youtube stuff in that site.

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