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Rammstein Font?

11/03/2011 à 00:59

can you tell me which font Rammstein need for this:
it's not exactly the same font as Kremlin:

Rammstein Font?

Polices identifiées

Rodchenko Bold  Suggérée par rammfan 
Stenberg  Suggérée par SashiX 

11/03/2011 à 01:21

Police identifiée : Stenberg

11/03/2011 à 01:26

thanks for efficiency so fast...

11/03/2011 à 01:28

Rodchenko is the font that you search for
Police identifiée : Rodchenko Bold

11/03/2011 à 01:59

where can I find Rodchenko Bold for FREE download? Stenberg has the same look, but it hasn't the same distance between the letters

11/03/2011 à 21:18

The distance between the letters yo can adjust with Photoshop, Corel or almost any other program.

11/03/2011 à 21:30

I've found the right Font (for FREE) at:
Edit: link removed (illegal download)
Police suggérée : Rodchenko Bold
  (Déjà suggérée ici)

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