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Can't find it anymore.

18/11/2012 à 18:31


I downloaded the font from the image some time ago from I deleted it and tried to find it again, but no success. Please help me out, I'm sure it's here somewhere.

Thank you,

Can't find it anymore.

Police identifiée

Open Bars   Suggérée par Mapmaker   (voir le post)

19/11/2012 à 19:49

*gentle bump* ( I'm sorry for my last bump, it was a little too soon, now it has passed 1 day and I assume I can bump it now ).

Note : Nevermind, found it.

Édité le 19/11/2012 à 20:28 par Mapmaker

20/11/2012 à 02:27

can you please share with us what font it was?

20/11/2012 à 10:29

Yes, sure. It was OpenBars.
Police identifiée : Open Bars

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