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Slender Game Font

30/09/2012 à 11:25

I've been literally searching for this font for weeks. I just can't find it, and it really doesn't seem a custom made logo, it really seems like a font.
If somebody could help me, I would really appreciate it!


Slender Game Font

Ce n'est probablement pas une police

Polices suggérées

Angry Chalk   Suggérée par calrixz   (voir le post)
Forbidden Land   Suggérée par Mr. Block   (voir le post)
Slender   Suggérée par SimonchoDesign   (voir le post)

10/10/2012 à 07:30

This one is really close to it
Police suggérée : Angry Chalk

01/01/2013 à 18:32

Kinda close?
Police suggérée : Forbidden Land

01/01/2013 à 18:46

22/04/2013 à 18:29

Esta hise yo
Police suggérée : Slender

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