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Wht font

09/09/2012 à 18:55


Wht font

Police identifiée

Real Madrid 11-12  Suggérée par tadat85 

10/09/2012 à 04:02

That's a font of Real Madrid 11-12.
Police identifiée : Real Madrid 11-12

Édité le 10/09/2012 à 04:20 par SashiX

10/09/2012 à 04:08

That sounds illegal. Is this a commercial font? You can't just give it away to people.

10/09/2012 à 04:14

I dont think this font is a commercial font. I download this font in the forum of football font. In this you can free download a lot font of football.

10/09/2012 à 04:15

If it's a free font I guess it's OK... I'm not an expert or authority on that though.

10/09/2012 à 04:31

Well, a free download of something doesn't necessarily have to be legal AFAIK, these type of fonts are, usually, not available commercially. So people just make them from scratch. I have edited your first posts with the link

10/09/2012 à 04:38

Thank SashiX.
I just want to contribute everything I have to everyone.

10/09/2012 à 04:45

Sure thing, tadat Please don't take me wrong, I'm not saying your fonts are illegal, just trying to clarify that sharing something for free that you've downloaded illegally...
Whatever Do you remember that forum? I remember people regretting doing that (sending stuff by email)... to many emails

10/09/2012 à 05:00

Thank reminder of SashiX. I'll remember that.
If I dont know anything of illegal, I look forward to your guidance.

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