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Whats the font for "AIR JORDAN 1"

14/02/2011 à 02:22

Any idea of the font in the "AIR JORDAN 1" part? thanks a million!

Whats the font for "AIR JORDAN 1"

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Police identifiée

Eurostile Ext Medium  Suggérée par rocamaco 

14/02/2011 à 02:29

Police identifiée : Eurostile Ext Medium

14/02/2011 à 02:41

Yea thats it. However I need "TEAM" on top and "BOLANES" centered underneath it. Thats all I need and I dont care to spend 20$ to do that simple of a task. Any idea's?

14/02/2011 à 15:14

Well, you can use this free font, it quite looks like Eurostyle:

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