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Font please

29/08/2012 à 09:13

Font please

Police identifiée

Jezebel Bonus  Suggérée par frd 

29/08/2012 à 10:05

Police identifiée : Jezebel Bonus

29/08/2012 à 12:15


29/08/2012 à 12:40

You're welcome

12/09/2012 à 10:22


Thanks for the hug help!.

Can you also please provide us the font, If you have

Thanks for your all help!


12/09/2012 à 11:41

Hey Aryan, what do you do for a living ?

12/09/2012 à 12:02

i need this font plz

12/09/2012 à 12:24

You need the font ? Then you have to buy it. It's commercial font. You wouldn't want to work for free, so don't steal the work from other people.

12/09/2012 à 14:32

ok thanks " drf "

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