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Can anybody help me to find Helvetica?

19/08/2012 à 14:26

Helvetica was also very commonly used but its not on all of the computers and i love that font. Can anyone help please! Oh ya, its also used in iPhone©®™s.

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19/08/2012 à 14:27

19/08/2012 à 14:35

Please don't give me websites that requires purchase...

19/08/2012 à 14:38

It's a commercial font. So if you want to use it, you have to buy it. Otherwise, it's stealing, which is illegal.

19/08/2012 à 14:45

Ok... Thanks anyway.

21/08/2012 à 17:44

You can use is really similar and should already be on your PC, Mac or Windows.

23/08/2012 à 13:53

I hate Arial. I love Helvetica and I'm posting this. That's why I hate Arial.

23/08/2012 à 16:15


23/08/2012 à 19:11

23/08/2012 à 19:16

Or get yourself a Linux distribution that has Nimbus pre-installed.

24/08/2012 à 14:51

Its okay. I got it. Thanks everyone!

27/08/2012 à 07:07

I think if you bought a Mac that comes standard with Helvetica. That's not technically buying Helveticta...

27/08/2012 à 16:16

I think buying a computer is much more expensive than buying a font.

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