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Font disappeared!

06/07/2012 à 06:34

I logged in a few days ago (Ithink it was this past Sunday Morning...) and found a font that I liked, but I didn't have time to deal with the download that day. This evening, I finally had time to go through the download process, and now I can no longer find the font. I tried using the "search" feature on the site and am finding a very different looking font with the same name, (The font was called "Fearless".) but not the one that I found just 5 1/2 days ago. Is there any archived info or any other way to locate it?

06/07/2012 à 09:16

Are we talking about this font ?

06/07/2012 à 10:13

... or something in this list :

06/07/2012 à 17:04

That's all I'm finding now, but it's not what
i found on Sunday. The one I found on Sunday was wider than it was tall, outlined, squarish corners, shaded black on the bottom quarter, fading through the second quarter, and white on the top half.

06/07/2012 à 19:17

You'll find it again when you browse your history. Or check the images in your browser's cache and then post it as an ID request.

BTW, get Firefox. Then at least you can control what you are doing

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06/07/2012 à 19:52

Yes, that's strange, no font with that name has been taken away recently, so...

You said "sunday morning", maybe some remains from a rough week-end ? Just kidding

06/08/2012 à 16:14

I logged in past month and I found a font that I liked, I installed it and work whit it but I have to reinstall all the system in my computer and I loose it!. Now I'am looking it in the website but I can no longer find the font again. I tried using the "search" feature on the site but it send me to the page, it is differente page, the name of the font is Vivaldi. Can I get some help???

14/08/2012 à 18:20 Vivaldi is the font, but was named Fearless?

17/08/2012 à 16:05

Many times, people submit fonts - that were commercial fonts renamed. If this is the case, it was found by someone who was concerned, and the owner of this site, removed it. It what makes a wonderful place for fonts. They do their best not to infringe on copyright laws - internationally.

17/08/2012 à 16:53

Dear God, look who's there Welcome back Jackie !

17/08/2012 à 21:19

Merci Buckets....

drf - how are you too? Been a long while - I was surprised I still had magical powers here.

BTW - I so enjoyed myself in Paris just a few days before Christmas - it was so, so, rejuvenating... I hadn't realized how much I missed it. Two days - one walking everywhere - one spent in the Musee D'Orsay.... Ah... Paris.

17/08/2012 à 21:20

Ah Paris I'm feeling good, how are you doing ?

Magical powers are never lost around here

17/08/2012 à 21:46

Doing fine. I'm in the South - that is, in the SE of the USA... life is good... I'm glad I found this forum again - I've truly missed you guys.

17/08/2012 à 21:54

And God knows everyone missed you around here too ! Talking about missing, you should try to bring back our good old Rainer Is he still around the WhatTheFont forum too ?

17/08/2012 à 22:07

Swallow is around but rarely.

17/08/2012 à 22:12

Ok, thanks for the information

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