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Looking for new font requests/ideas

27/01/2011 à 14:33

Hey guys, I was wondering if you guys have any favorite pixel-type fonts from old video games, computer software, etc that hasn't been made into a downloadable font. I'm looking for a new font idea.


28/01/2011 à 09:24

28/01/2011 à 16:55

I already have made several fonts in that list, I was looking for requests or ideas that other people would like to see made into a new font.

28/01/2011 à 23:26

29/01/2011 à 00:13

I'm no good at scripts, sorry

29/01/2011 à 00:22

I knew it was too good to be true. :/

29/01/2011 à 04:02

I can do your favorite pixel font :P

29/01/2011 à 05:44

Andrew Tyler a dit  
I can do your favorite pixel font :P

It's not a pixel font I'm request, it's a font that resembles the old 'That's all Folks!' handwritten font:

It was never before been created, and I'm gonna find somoene who'll grant my Font Request.

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