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Fonts not 'installing'


02/08/2012 à 23:36

Thanks, but i have tried that. When you try to unzip it, it says there is nothing there. When you try to "open" it, it says the file is corrupted or invalid.

03/08/2012 à 09:26

Just wondering, did you try in another web browser ?

03/08/2012 à 11:00

and, which unzipper are you using?

15/08/2013 à 22:19

how do you extract a font and what does that mean also my problems on the ipad

15/08/2013 à 22:24

16/08/2013 à 01:39

A bad connection can screw up a CRC on any file, so you just get a corrupted ZIP file (as in, it's a garbage file that happens to have the ZIP extension). It'll create the file, name it, and then screw it up, even if it's tiny.

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