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These fonts with the stroke around them.

03/06/2012 à 04:42

I'd really love to know what they are. Please & Thanks you.

These fonts with the stroke around them.

Police identifiée

Xtreem  Suggérée par jusdesignz 

Police suggérée

Avant Garde  Suggérée par SashiX 

03/06/2012 à 05:05

Spring Specials = Trajan Pro
Limited Time Only! = Xtreem Fat Demo
Police identifiée : Xtreem

03/06/2012 à 05:19

Thanks. Now, I just need the ones at the top.

03/06/2012 à 05:31

Police suggérée : Avant Garde

03/06/2012 à 08:35

Thanks. I appreciate it. (:

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