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i'm looking for a font for my football team!

14/05/2012 à 19:16

hey dafont users! i'm looking for a font that basically says "we are here to kick your ass!" but in a gentle way because im going to use it on my team football kit design !
the first thought that came into my mind was to use the england away football kit in euro 2012 font but i just cant find it anywhere....
so thank you and i'm hoping for you guys to response this thread!

14/05/2012 à 21:01

mumble ... not thinking of counterfeiting are you ...

17/05/2012 à 18:12

nope man im not that rich to manufactures and sell a replica football kit I was just thinking that it would be great to have a football kit covered with that kind of font!

17/05/2012 à 23:08

mumble ... it is not done by the rich but by those who want to become rich

18/05/2012 à 04:21

yeah i know. mostly people who do business are those who want to be rich. i don't need to be rich in this certain moments. I'm not even old enough to drink a pint of beer but still it's up to you then if you still don't believe me

18/06/2012 à 19:37

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