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20/04/2012 à 11:51

The latest FOX American TV series with Sam Neill and Parminder Nagra by Bad Robot the same guys from the excellent LOST TV series


Ce n'est probablement pas une police

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Alcatraz  Suggérée par Kiddiefonts 
Steelfish  Suggérée par pilaster 

20/04/2012 à 13:01

Three different "A", this might not be a font

20/04/2012 à 16:12

Mmm, IMO, it's a normal font, but eroded manually (to make it unique for, let's say, movie title) (btw, it was stretched, original font shouldn't be so high)

20/04/2012 à 16:18

Agreed that it probably started life as an innocent young font...before the bad things happened, but which one. It's so distressed (poor thing) it's hard to speculate.
Maybe Steelfish?
Police suggérée : Steelfish

20/04/2012 à 16:37

Hehe, that's what I thought initially. Not the same, but quite similar (and free)

22/04/2012 à 14:08

Yeah it's looks a bit like Steelfish some of the angles and stops are a bit too shallow and short I found this Fan-Font version that's a bit like it but not as eroded or distressed, it's more veins that run through a rock
Police suggérée : Alcatraz

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