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Tron Legacy Font Help

05/01/2011 à 16:39

I was wondering what is the font used in this logo Tron Legacy, because I need to do a job designer and I need this font!! I need a reliable source and is free..
Thank you in advance who help me!

Tron Legacy Font Help

Polices identifiées

CRR NTN   Suggérée par ITellYa   (voir le post)
Helvetica Neue Ultra Light   Suggérée par ITellYa   (voir le post)

05/01/2011 à 16:53

i can do it!
My name is Paolo Vannucci... please, go to my web site and see all my works!!!
Cinefont Classic of Great Hollywood movie. Exclusive fonts, original for all lovers, made by myself!!!

Édité le 05/01/2011 à 17:20 par Rodolphe

05/01/2011 à 17:05

Police identifiée : CRR NTN

05/01/2011 à 17:06

Police identifiée : Helvetica Neue Ultra Light

06/01/2011 à 00:39

thanks all!! \õ/~

06/01/2011 à 03:36

where can download it?
thank you.

06/01/2011 à 08:35

Dr3amchase, you can buy it on or at

16/01/2011 à 13:56

dr3amchase a dit  (voir le post)
where can download it?
thank you.

You can visit my web site.
Police suggérée : CRRNTN Regular+Outline
  (Déjà suggérée ici)

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