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Looking for this font

05/01/2011 à 02:46

I saw it on SCAL forum. I really like the way it can be welded together and hope someone recognizes it and will let me know where I can find it. Just want the script font.

Looking for this font

Police identifiée

Feel Script  Suggérée par claudeserieux 

Police suggérée

Monterey  Suggérée par Hachimitsu 

05/01/2011 à 22:59

Close, but not quite is Mural Script.

05/01/2011 à 23:48

Thank you for your help. I will search and see if I can find Mural Script.

05/01/2011 à 23:53

Police identifiée : Feel Script

29/01/2011 à 09:08

It's actually called Monterey
Police suggérée : Monterey

29/01/2011 à 09:19

Sorry Hachimitsu, perhaps he'd must say "Feel Script", but Cluadeserieux has the reason...

You can test it in "Try rhis font..." following the link...

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