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Looking for this font

05/01/2011 à 02:46

I saw it on SCAL forum. I really like the way it can be welded together and hope someone recognizes it and will let me know where I can find it. Just want the script font.

Looking for this font

Police identifiée

Feel Script   Suggérée par claudeserieux   (voir le post)

Police suggérée

Monterey   Suggérée par Hachimitsu   (voir le post)

05/01/2011 à 22:59

Close, but not quite is Mural Script.

05/01/2011 à 23:48

Thank you for your help. I will search and see if I can find Mural Script.

05/01/2011 à 23:53

Police identifiée : Feel Script

29/01/2011 à 09:08

It's actually called Monterey
Police suggérée : Monterey

29/01/2011 à 09:19

Sorry Hachimitsu, perhaps he'd must say "Feel Script", but Cluadeserieux has the reason...

You can test it in "Try rhis font..." following the link...

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