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Please Help my identify this font

28/04/2010 à 20:52

Does anyone know what this font is and where I can get it. I found it a while back and I forgot to write down what it was and now I can’t find it again.

Please Help my identify this font

Police identifiée

Commercial Script  Suggérée par tophy52 

30/04/2010 à 19:09

No, no, you didn't forget to write down what font it was !
It's written under:
it's Commercial Script !

Police identifiée : Commercial Script

Édité le 30/04/2010 à 19:10 par tophy52

30/04/2010 à 20:18

Thanks...I just couldn't believe that was it's name... and when I searched under that I couldn't find that particular font... I was getting hundreds of scripts....

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