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I need something like "1540 Mercator Script"

01/02/2012 à 19:23

Hi everyone,
I need a font like "1540 Mercator Script". A Renaissance font.
Every suggestion is appreciated. Thank you

01/02/2012 à 19:26

Help yourself :

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02/02/2012 à 11:38

02/02/2012 à 12:22

thank you for your support, but what i'm finding is enough specific, a sort of handwrite script, because i'm a member of a reenactment group of Renaissance age, and i need it to edit and public our things.
Other fonts similar are some fo Cancellaresca, Machiavelli or Niccolò script, Leonardo, Ludovicos....but i think "1540 Mercator script" of Glc is the best.
I would thank everybody again!!!

02/02/2012 à 13:36

if 1540 Mercator script is the best, why don't you just use it ?

02/02/2012 à 16:41

I don't understand. Did you want a font LIKE 1540 Mercator script or EXACTLY 1540 Mercator script ?

02/02/2012 à 16:47

02/02/2012 à 21:00

daaams a dit  
if 1540 Mercator script is the best, why don't you just use it ?

I find some more "handwrite" than it .... is the best beetwen all i have seen.
Thanks..and sorry for misunderstood

02/02/2012 à 21:01

claudeserieux a dit  


03/02/2012 à 16:36

You may also like the KL HKursive2, used for the word Kalligraphie.

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