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Circled letters / lettres avec cercle autour

16/04/2010 à 15:14


Je cherche une TrueType Free avec chaque lettre encerclée, comme il existe pour les chiffres 1 à 9 dans les polices standard.
Genre ARIAL encerclé...
Je n'en trouve que des payantes...

I'm searching for ARIAL with circle around letters (and not only numbers)... and Free !
Found only for sell...

Merci / Thx !

15/05/2010 à 18:33

A toi de la chercher

20/05/2010 à 22:54

Merci, c'est bien cela... Sauf qu'elle est payante. En attendant j'ai essayé l'astuce Word avec superposition d'un grand O et d'une petite lettre, indiqué alleurs sur ce site, je crois...

21/05/2010 à 10:27

Je viens de créer une "Mes Sélections / Circled" avec les lettres entourées de Dafont

C'est vrai qu'il n'y a pas de lettres aussi simples et basiques que la Special Alphabets 7
mais ça viendra peut-être...

22/05/2010 à 22:04

Complete with accented letters or will just lc, caps and numbers do?

24/05/2010 à 17:09

@ plzia
Something like this?

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24/05/2010 à 17:23

looks good

btw how do we get IN your site ?

24/05/2010 à 17:37

With a username and password

Or just feed me ...

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24/05/2010 à 22:24

Yes, good, if free, thank you !
If you are building it, or have built it, I just think some letters may be better centered...

Thanks... Where is it downloadable?

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24/05/2010 à 22:41

The capital W prohibits better centering of the capitals and the accented y's determine the vertical centering of the lower case, otherwise the letters dance left right and center over the screen.

Can you live with this license?
Free for Personal Use. Donation required for Commercial Use Email kk [at] for details.

Terms of Use/End User License Agreement Upon downloading this font the user bound to abide the Free Font Terms of Use/Free Font End User License Agreement (TOU/EULA) defined below. This agreement pertains to you/the user and the licensing rights acquired with this download. These rights are specific to free download and usage of this font, i.e. a personal use License agreement.

Free Font Terms of Use & Free Font End User License Agreement:
1.) This font is NOT public domain.

2.) This font is free for personal use and may not be used commercially.
Read entire TOU/EULA for more information. Further comments, questions, and suggestions should be directed to koeiekat, kk [at]

3.) The distribution of this font for financial gain or profit is not permitted under any circumstances and is strictly prohibited. Do not add this font to a font CD or compilation and or archive that is to be sold for a profit.

Thus, don't sell this font, and do not make things that are to be sold with this font... It's free for personal use only. Commercial use requires the user to obtain a Commercial Font End User License. A Commercial Font End User License is granted after a PayPal donation has been received. Contact kk [at] for more details.

For profit scrapbooking and digital scrapbooking material(s) or scrapbooking and digital scrapbooking material(s) intended to be sold/resold with this font are also prohibited under this license, and require a commercial License. See above. Creating items to be used "personally," whether in a traditional scrapbook or digital scrapbook is entirely permitted under this free License.

4.) This font file must be kept intact as downloaded. Under no circumstances may this font file itself be edited, altered, or modified at any time or in any measure. This prohibits and includes but is not limited to, renaming this font file, as well as the creation of so-called "new" and/or derivative fonts from this font file or any other possible digital representations.

5.) Redistribution of this font is permitted only if the font file is kept intact as is, and it is offered free of charge, no fee is implemented upon the acquisition of this font. If you do redistribute this font, please email koeiekat, kk [at] with details.

6.) Upon downloading this font, the user accepts all liability and sole responsibility for the use of this font file.

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24/05/2010 à 22:46

I had a professional single use, not personal, and think I won't need it again in the next monther or years.

Thx a lot !

25/05/2010 à 01:23

plzia a dit  
I had a professional single use, not personal, and think I won't need it again in the next monther or years.

Thx a lot !

If you had/have it why ask?

25/05/2010 à 09:49

think he meant
he needed it for a single pro use
not that he already had it (or lost it...)

25/05/2010 à 10:55

Thanks Tophy, then the question remains can plzia live with the license?

29/05/2010 à 22:27

Yes, I meant I needed it for a single use, pro use. I don't think my enterprise would have pay for it...

Why did I ask?

I asked because on April 16, I was needing it! And as I got the first answer, the job was done (I used Word Character overlapping, with little letters inside a bigger "O" letter). Note that I asked on April 16, and got the first response on May 15, and your proposal came on May 24...

Great thanks to all of you for helps (although it was too late).

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