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Try again....Hells Angels Font

01/12/2010 à 18:24

Does anyone know what font is used for the Hells Angels?

Sorry, I didn't realize there were multiple logos.

This is the one I am referring to. (Thank you daaams)

Try again....Hells Angels Font

Polices suggérées

Hessian  Suggérée par claudeserieux 
Carnivalee Freakshow  Suggérée par dmoe32 
IFC Rail Road  Suggérée par salmekipedia 
Bike  Suggérée par LowerClassLeather 
Bosox  Suggérée par Sk8ingusa 

01/12/2010 à 18:59

It Looks Very Reminscent of the Boston Red Sox font. Since their font is under lock and key, "BOSOX" is a poormans version of the font. Perhaps with a couple of tweeks you can emulate the Hells Angels Font.
Police suggérée : Bosox

01/12/2010 à 19:00

Police suggérée : Hessian

01/12/2010 à 19:21

I like the Hessian as that is very close, however it is $19.95 and since I'm not looking for perfection, I am going to go with the 'poormans version' of Bosox.

Thanks everyone for your help.

02/12/2010 à 21:54

This font is not hessian,
it's been requested many times

see here, here, and especially the last answer here

its been designed and own by HA MC USA.

The use of this font is at your own risks and they don't fool around.

03/12/2010 à 04:36

Thank you tophy52. I'm not looking for perfection as I said above. Hessian works just great for me. Thanks for your reply.

27/01/2013 à 19:43

bosox and hessian both have the wrong "N" the font with the correct letters, or the actual closest you will get is Carnivalee Freakshow
Police suggérée : Carnivalee Freakshow

28/01/2013 à 17:31

Wow, I forgot I had even asked about this a couple of years ago. Thank you for your reply though. I appreciate it.

28/05/2013 à 10:02

IFC Rail Road
Police suggérée : IFC Rail Road

Édité le 28/05/2013 à 10:02 par salmekipedia

28/09/2013 à 23:31

Try this one... Bike from Fontalicious
Police suggérée : Bike

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