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Castlevania : Lords Of Shadow

22/11/2010 à 16:03

Hi, What is the font of Castlevania Lords Of Shadow please ?

Castlevania : Lords Of Shadow

Polices suggérées

Bradley  Suggérée par frd 
Diploma  Suggérée par makitten 
Goudy Text  Suggérée par theouaegis 

26/04/2013 à 10:11

"Lords of Shadow"
Police suggérée : Bradley

29/07/2013 à 16:05

and "Castlevania" font?

09/11/2013 à 04:27

Nice catch on the Bradley font for the subtitle. The Castlevania title font has eluded me, being simply a modified version of the font used in other recent Castlevania titles which I have also been unable to narrow down. It's that blasted 'v' that is throwing me off; the rest of the letters are relatively easy to match to one thing or another. I hope someone finds it or has found it along with the original CV title font as well (which I will continue googling and font-comparing for).

On a related note: Bradley is also the same font used for Castlevania II: Simon's Quest and Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse.

Symphony of the Night's subtitle font was Goudy Text.
Police suggérée : Goudy Text

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29/05/2014 à 20:42

I've been looking for some fonts of Castlevania and found one almost similar font - Diploma)
Police suggérée : Diploma

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