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25/08/2011 à 12:16

What's this font? From


Polices identifiées

Plaza   Suggérée par rocamaco   (voir le post)
Andes   Suggérée par isaachulse   (voir le post)

Police suggérée

Andesite   Suggérée par harristype   (voir le post)

25/08/2011 à 13:01

Police identifiée : Plaza

25/08/2011 à 13:08

Here it's free, on daFont
Police identifiée : Andes

25/08/2014 à 08:02

This font is called Andesite Regular and was designed by me in the early 1990s. It was illegally converted by someone on a PC shortly thereafter, hence the name being shortened to Andes. This font was completely reworked with additional characters and converted to OpenType format and is now sold commercially for US $15 at
Police suggérée : Andesite

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