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Handwriting font

16/10/2010 à 17:04

Hi all,

Anybody knows what font type this is?
Thanks in advance.

Handwriting font

Police identifiée

Eclat   Suggérée par rocamaco   (voir le post)

Police suggérée

Creampuff   Suggérée par tophy52   (voir le post)

16/10/2010 à 17:23

Try Marcelle or Candy Inc. They should be located in old school.

16/10/2010 à 17:32

Thanks for the fast reply.
They do look almost the same but still not the way I like it to be.

16/10/2010 à 21:41

Police suggérée : Creampuff

15/03/2011 à 20:38

Police identifiée : Eclat

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