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Can't make pdf or eps file!

02/06/2011 à 18:13

I downloaded the "free" font called A Yummy Apology. It spaces weird, but I can manage. My big problem is that I can't make a pdf file or eps file which I need to do in order to print. What's the secret? I'd be happy to pay even. HELP!

02/06/2011 à 23:08

Restricted license embedding. No embedding allowed. Ergo you can't embed the font in a pdf or eps.

02/06/2011 à 23:39

What's the point? it's either free or it isn't! Can I get a license to use it? What's the cost of the font?

03/06/2011 à 06:41

Take the time to visit the font (you know what it's called), then see who made it and contact that person. I just did, it's very simple.
And, yes, fonts are free. That doesn't mean they all have embedding rights. If you don't like this, then stop using other people's (free) fonts and make your own.

03/06/2011 à 06:58

Wise ass, I downloaded it 'cause i like the font, not 'cause its free. Free is not the issue. I didn't find this font anywhere except on dafont. If I found it somewhere else where I could have purchased it I would have. I've bought plenty of font from lots of different sources and downloaded plenty of free ones. Never ran into an embedding problem before. I contacted the artist. Blah, blah, blah.

03/06/2011 à 07:05

hanoded, FYI: I went to the font, emailed the artist and got bounced. No one there at that address. Not so simple! Did you really contact that person? what address did you use?

03/06/2011 à 10:26

Lollykupec, If you create the pdf without embedding the font and the printer installs the font before opening the pdf it'll work.
To contact Graham Meade, read your mail

03/06/2011 à 16:42

tried the email for Graham Meade, doesn't work. thanks for reaching out anyway. see you're e. Managed a work around -- orig doc in QE, create an eps, open in PS, save as tif.

03/06/2011 à 18:00

03/06/2011 à 19:28

That one lacks the street name. Lollykupec now has the full mail address so can write to Graham Meade.

04/06/2011 à 05:54

@lollykupec Well the embedding is there as part of his license, So you have to respect that. If you will pay for it contact the vendor. All my fonts are donation ware and require payment if used commercially, but I feel locking down; embedding or PDF'ing personally doesn't help me or any user, even one who doesn't pay me.

08/06/2011 à 20:29

Save PDF with font info, i.e. PDF will search for that font in your Mac Fonts folder. You will need to install that font in all PCs/MACs where you need to view your PDF. You can also convert it to curves, but you can't modify text later within PDF.

26/06/2013 à 10:03

there is a method you can creat a pdf file i like the interface and the font. it is just like you said simple and awesome.

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