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what font is this? i need to know asap

14/07/2013 à 04:02


what font is this? i need to know asap

Police identifiée

Little Snorlax  Suggérée par rocamaco 

14/07/2013 à 04:06

Police identifiée : Little Snorlax

14/07/2013 à 04:06

That's my banner!!! Don't post my banner without my premission. If you want to know anything ask me.

14/07/2013 à 04:07

lol idc

14/07/2013 à 14:39

Girl fight, fuck yeah!

14/07/2013 à 15:12

drf a dit  
Girl fight, fuck yeah!

Is this not irrelevant just saying... like your avatar though

14/07/2013 à 15:14

Of course it doesn't contribute to solve the thread since it's already solved. But if you spend some time here, you'll see that "tumblr banner fights" happen quite often, for obscure unknown reasons. So we just stand there and watch, it's very funny sometimes.

14/07/2013 à 15:18

Oh ok i got it, I understand
and yes i've seen them

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