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This font?

26/04/2011 à 03:32

I know the text is 'Bebas', but I want the numbers<3

This font?

Polices identifiées

Vtks Ink  Suggérée par Myotis 
Pretoria Gross  Suggérée par Myotis 

26/04/2011 à 04:26

The text is not Bebas. It's "Vtks Ink"
Police identifiée : Vtks Ink

26/04/2011 à 04:27

OH MY BAD LOL. I thought it was Bebas with some editing. I still need that font with the numbers! I love the style<3

26/04/2011 à 04:34

The numbers (except the $ sign) are:
Police identifiée : Pretoria Gross

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26/04/2011 à 05:03


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