Wub Machine

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Neoqueto  22/07/2012
How about "Q" from The Qemists logo? Their music doesn't deal with the "wub" manner a lot, but oh well.
NorseLion  09/09/2012
that's so weird, I was browsing the new font looking for good ones to use in a picture I'm drawing that will say "I <3 EDM" and i;m gonna list different genres and producers, and I came upon this one....
which is an awesome font by the way!
skyhaven  auteur de Wub Machine   09/09/2012
@NorseLion, that's neat and thank you!

@Neoqueto Sorry about forgetting to do the Qemists. FOREVER!!!!
Tuxedo Shadow  04/09/2014
Gracias bro
Tenia rato buscando algo asi

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