WM Leaves 1

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asudmeier  10/06/2010
to the author: I might like to use one of these dingbats in a textbook about oats. Please contact me at asudmeier@bookmobile.com
CityGirl11513  08/07/2010
I would like to use this font in a logo for a non-profit. Please contact me to let me know your pricing and restrictions. Thank you.

decloeha  18/02/2011
I would like to use leave 'd' in a publication for non-profit and educational use. Please contact me to let me know if there are any restrictions. Thank you.
vmarto  02/01/2012

I want to use the letter "f" of the WM Leaves 1 for a logo.
Can you contact me by private messages ?

Proud Mary  17/05/2013
Hello, I would like to use letter N for a primary scchool textbook. Please contact me at mjnijhof@hotmail.com to let me know your pricing.
Thank you

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