Wild Ride

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Smartypantz  10/10/2007
Very nice. Thanks
cheetolick311  01/07/2008
this font rocks!
s_power  24/12/2008
this font is really super awesome!!!it would be cooler in red or black huh
JonJon  10/02/2009
Nice, nice.
I suddenly want to eat a lot of peanut butter and chocolate
CaptainReginald  03/04/2011
Advertised as FREE, but when you download it, there's a license saying "for personal use". Very misleading. Other than that, amazing font.
Cap - How I felt as well. :(
fontmesa  auteur de Wild Ride   10/08/2013
This font is free for personal and commercial use, please disregard the txt file in your download, an update has been submitted that will allow for pdf embedding.

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