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Gyom Séguin  19/09/2006
Very nice! Like the different style with the capital letters.
Keep it up!
dawk  20/09/2006
I like this, esp the N
aphrospice  22/09/2006
Viva La Revolution!
bonzofatto  29/09/2006
Great! Revolution is never dead!
ill sans  30/09/2006
Very nice!
I'd like to see a regular version without the stars though.
diesekt  29/01/2007
excellent font !
smitty618  05/12/2007
this is my favourite font, i used it for one of my band cd's
wowguide  30/11/2009
very nice
brad18white  29/05/2015
Is it ok if I use this for a school GCSE coursework project?

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