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NikkiGirl8  21/08/2012
Thank you ;-)
marlenenpcog  19/03/2013
Toshi, I would love, love, love to use this font on our church bulletin for our Palm Sunday Celebration. I downloaded it, but could not use it in the Publisher document where I create the bulletin. Can you help me?
Keria  02/09/2013
I downloaded as well and I am unable to use either.
Schnecke92  04/09/2013
I would like to use this great font for commercial use
please send me an email at huhuschuhu@hotmail.de
Kaleb_1990  10/01/2014
I would love to use this on a website I'm building email me at Kandace _ Boswell _ 47 _ @ _ gmail.com... (with no underscores or spaces) thank you
Kelsey5186  21/01/2014
please let me know how much it is to use this font for commercial use. Free? Please email me at KelseySpencer5186@gmail.com thanks for your time!
ntfc007  25/01/2014
Hello, I love this font please can you tell me how I can get permission to use it for my papercuts please. waloc007@googlemail.com many thanks
Wendy24  17/04/2014
Wonderful font! Crisp, elegant and easy to read. I would possibly like to purchase this for my company to use when we want to spruce up artworks and signs. Please email me gw_creations_@usa.com (no underscores)

Thank you!
jjrlob@msn.com  03/05/2014
Beautiful and very elegant, thank you!
jess128  05/05/2014
I'd love to use this font for my small business. Could you email me? jmayfield_28@hotmail.com
ttf  07/05/2014
What a great font, and with an Open License!

Thank you Toshi,

To the people who have asked about using the font, it is distributed with an Open Font License this means you can freely use the font for pretty much anything.
fdiv_v  27/07/2014
Awesome! A great font for tattoos! <3
ThomasCaux  08/10/2014
Wonderful font ! I would possibly purchase this font for my business company, send me a email at thomas.caux@gmail.com, thanks a lot !
ThomasCaux  08/10/2014
Sorry I had not read the previous posts, the license for this font is free, thank you again
ramiion  11/03/2015
hi,Is it possible to please get permission for commercial use? send me a mail at marionpetrolesi@hotmail.fr thanks

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