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BabyJJ  26/01/2010
Nice, I love it >_<
coolbeansdeb  27/08/2012
Love this font, any chance of a version with capital letters?
DIEGOGANG  29/11/2012
I would like to buy the licence for this font. can you contact me. Im a creative director for Havas WW.
l.soizic  14/08/2013
I would like to buy the licence for this font too, can you contact me on ""
Thank you !
nikita25  03/09/2013
Hello, I would like to buy a licence for this font. Please contact me
evabites  14/10/2013
I'd like to buy the licence to use this font in an indie video game.
Please contact me on
nskally  20/02/2014
Hello, please contact me regarding a usage license -

vcproduction  05/03/2014
I'd like to use this for some flyers! Contact me for license inquiry @

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