Super Mario 256

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fsuarez913  auteur de Super Mario 256   13/07/2012
please leave comments
DaVince  08/10/2012
Well, it's certainly Super Mario! And it contains most of the basic necessary characters, so that's good.

However nice the font is, though, how much use does it really have? Maybe stuff for a fan game's title screen, I suppose.
Skyechant  30/10/2012
It's really awesome.

@DaVince, does it really matter how much use it has? It could be used for design things or just because people like the font. I'm actually going to use it for my fictitious campaign poster for Mario. It could be used for design and such.
winty5  15/04/2013
Nice work bro, Mario rules
funkykong19  04/12/2013
Great font!
incorrect  06/10/2014
..........this font is in the right castle!
armida  07/02/2015

I would like to use this font on a shirt and sell it. Please let me know if there are conditions or arrangements to follow. My email address is Many many thanks!
mrscrow  25/02/2015
love this font! I've downloaded it twice now since switching machines. I use it to cut vinyl lettering for things for my Mario fanatic five year old.
DaddyWarbucks  28/02/2015
@armida This font is 100% free, both for commercial and personal use. So, yes, you could use this font for your shirts and pay no charge.
christywee  21/04/2015
fsuarez913, please email me( the conditions or arrangements if i want use this font for commercial. Thanks!
incorrect  20/05/2015
incorrect you are my favorite because of that
incorrect  20/05/2015
hey i'm not incorrect
incorrect  20/05/2015
wait a second yes i am i posted that! haha
Explode Media Inc  02/12/2015
Hi, can i use this font for selling sticker ?
please send me the info at

Nice font btw
LooneyTunerIan  30/12/2015
There was another Mario-font that was used in the credits for NSMBWii and NSMBWiiU.
Zivovo  28/02/2016
Nice font! This is actually perfect for fan games and mario lp channels! There's just one flaw. The letter "i."
chwiens  18/08/2016
Hi, can i use this font for graphic / cover we'd like to create? Could you please confirm that the font is public domain and may be used free of charge? please send me the info at

Nice font btw

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