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Framais  02/03/2013
This is a great font, thanks so much for giving it for free! One thing only, it DESPERATELY needs lowercase characters.
agustinluisbou92  auteur de SquareFont   17/04/2013
Framais: Sorry, this font is ALL CAPS. I can't add true lowercase characters.
yanverdonk  15/10/2013
Love it! Can I use this font for my YouTube-channel? That'd be great! :D
M33tme  09/02/2014
I would like to use your font (square font) for a logo I'm creating do I have permission?
mozorising  03/04/2014
Good morning Agustin Luis Bou, my name is Stefano Tucciarelli. I sent you an email yesterday regarding your square fonts. I would like to buy your fonts for commercial uses. Can you please read my email otherwise please contact me back at stefano.tucciarelli@sound-pusher.it
Hi Mr. Bou,

We'd like to use your squarefont for a commercial project. Please contact me for details on cost/ licensing at your earliest convenience...

Email is office@ideasandstuff.com

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