Special K

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Andrew2  30/08/2008
It is such a cool font though, Thanks for sharing :)
Andrew2  30/08/2008
Andrew2  30/08/2008
Oops, submitted without letting me write.. How long did this take you?
grandbrands  22/09/2008
Nice font - but the linework is not very smooth at all :( I realise it's free so we are lucky to have access to it, but to all those reading this comment, don't expect to use this font in a logo because the edges are all jagged.
derekjones  26/05/2010
hey salvo nicolosi i am trying to send you some dollars
but pen pal sucks it keeps telling me i already have an account and i must change my mail...you have made a cool font with special k we are using it for a logo hope they accept it all please e mail me thanks derek jones
skomii  31/05/2013
A font I'll surely use !!!

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