Soup of Justice

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dark_tonic  12/03/2012
This font is fantastically fun! We're using it for our new iOS/Android game Wall Street Titan for the scoring and messages in the game, and have given it a fun, chunky 3d treatment.

Check it out in our screenshots here:

We're also giving Omen Type a thanks in the game credits for giving this awesome font away for free.

Great work!
liseC  25/11/2013
Hello, I would like to use this font for a commercial use, is there any license fees for this? Can you please send me a message about it at

Best regards
Tobip  02/12/2013
I have the same question like Lise. We would like to use it as well for commercial. Is there a license fee?
Please send me a message at
Thanks a lot and regards,

No1KState  09/12/2013
Same question as Tobip and liseC. You can message me on dafont.
ckimbrough7  24/03/2016
same question email

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